What is Estim?

Estim is known under a few descriptions, Erotic Stimulation, Erotic Electro Stimulation and Electric Stimulation.

Depending what your needs are there are plenty of devices to chose from and it is always best to discuss the types of devices with your medical advisor prior to investing.

Estim is also known as EMS Electrical muscle stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

What ever you chose to call it or which ever product you decide to use all of them come down to one thing, which is forcing the of muscles to contract through electric impulses.

Women with weak pelvic floor muscles may see this as an easy option for pelvic floor exercising, but  with every good idea there is always a down side, which is why it is so important to discuss any alternative pelvic floor therapy with your medical advisor and physiotherapist. Over use of an electrical stimulation on muscles and cause over tightening of the muscles which can lead to fatigue.

Using Estim with a physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist may place electrodes on the skin in various locations or insert a probe into the vagina to be able to stimulate a single or group of muslces.

These controled contractions via electrical stimulation helps strengthen the affected muscles. The physiotherapist can chnage the settings to allow for a strong or gentle muscle contraction. Along with increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle also promotes blood supply to the area that assists in healing.

EMS machines can be beneficial as a strengthening training device towards healthy muscles and ligaments. It can also be used effectively as a rehabilitation method in patients that have little or no sensation of the muscles.

The machines used in physiotherapy practises are more powerful and tend to reach deeper into the muscle mass than the home devices.

There are several types of EMS devices and are used in different ways but all end up with the same purpose: to contract and stimulate muscles through the delivery of electrical impulses.

EMS can be particularly helpful for stroke patients.

For more information about EMS, Estim and other muscle rehabilitation products please see the specialists www.win-health.com

Shaken to the core pelvic floor by women’s health physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer

Shaken to the Core – Pelvic Floor

Have you noticed the popularity of vibration platforms in gyms and some health clinics over the past few years? Manufacturers list a long line of benefits including weight loss, improved bone density in menopausal women, improved athletic performance, improved balance and flexibility. This is not a new concept, during the 1960’s the Germans were studying the effects of whole body vibration on their athletes and in the 1970’s the Russian space program found it benefited their cosmonauts who experienced muscle loss and bone thinning after spending long periods in space (a zero gravity environment). As a result of ongoing research by the European Space Agency and NASA, the whole body vibration platform was born. Studies have showed a range of possible benefits from vibration machine training. These include improved balance in older women, improved muscle strength in older men or women and boosted bone density levels in post menopausal women.  Many online sources claim it improves the symptoms of incontinence however very little research on vibration/pelvic floor is available.  One study has shown which type of vibration leads to higher pelvic floor muscle activation in subjects with weakened pelvic floors and which type achieved higher levels of pelvic floor activation than voluntary maximal contraction alone. For the rest of the article. Read more

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Hold It Sister and Hold It Mama duo

Pelvic floor toner and Hold It Sister by Mary O’Dwyer winners of Your Healthy Living

What better way to start spring time with KeyGal tested and voted as one of the best pelvic toners to encourage women to remember how to do their pelvic floor exercises by women’s health physiotherapists.

Your Healthy Living magazine is a lead magazine available from health stores (pick up your free copy from the health stores) has great articles and ethical products which have been tested and assessed by the team at YOUR HEALTHY LIVING.  http://www.yourhealthyliving.co.uk/

In this months issue you will find the lovely Linda Lucardi revealing her secrets on how she keeps looking good and in shape.

Your Healthy Living ran a competition to win a prize worth almost £50 worth. The KeyGal pelvic floor exerciser and a copy of the best selling Hold It Sister by lead physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer.  5 lucky winners will be mentioned on the www.incostress.com site.

KeyGal and Hold It Sister







Everyone knows that Dr Arnold Kegel discovered the pelvic floor exercises. Exercises which are to this day, encouraged by medical professionals to prevent conditions such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and in general weak pelvic floor muscles.

Weakness of the pelvic floor can be hereditary or can be caused from a range of factors. Obesity, pregnancy, low oestrogen levels, menopause, Pelvic organ prolapse, laxity of the pelvic floor muscles are to name a few reasons why the pelvic floor  needs extra attention.

Dr Arnold was a brilliant gyaneacologist in his time and has opened the path for many to follow his good work in his footsteps.

Dr Bruce Crawford OBYGYN

Founder of Pfilates program
Founder of Pfilates program

One gynaecologist in Nevada who has excelled in his work not only as a brilliant gyaneacologist but as a compassionate man who understands the needs of women who suffer with pelvic organ dysfunction of any kind. Dr Bruce Crawford MD understands the importance of helping women solve conditions such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse etc.

For many women these conditions are demoralising and often have a negative impact on the quality of life. Many women find themselves  becoming more and more introverted due to issues such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

When they do pick up the courage to speak to a doctor, they are kept waiting for months (sometimes in pain) before they get to see a gyaneacologist to find out what the cause of the problem actually is. Many women don’t want to have surgery and are too frightened to seek medical help because they think that is all there is left for them.

Physiotherapy treatment is an excellent way to start the pelvic floor rehabilitation process. We found from a survey of 150 women in the United Kingdom, those who spoke to their physiotherapist felt reassured and completely comfortable with opening up their feelings. The physiotherapist took time to explain everything of the ‘hows and why’s of the pelvic floor. (GPs in the UK often don’t have the time to speak to their patients, and as patients don’t see incontinence or pelvic floor issues as a life threatening problem many don’t seek help as they ‘don’t want to bother the doctor’.

Out of the 150 women who did seek physiotherapy help 78% were found to have not known how to do a kegel exercise correctly before seeing the physiotherapist. Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly?

Dr Bruce Crawford develops Pfilates (the only exercise program with clinical studies)

Pfilates is a program of neuromuscular conditioning based on extensive EMG recordings taken from the pelvic floor.  Pfilates was created by an American Urogynecologist to provide a method of home pelvic floor fitness training accessible to a broad population.

Pelvic floor disorders are absolutely epidemic.  Stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, female sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and fecal incontinence are so commonplace they are often regarded as the inevitable consequences of childbirth and aging.  When these conditions are treated they are to often regarded as purely mechanical disorders requiring a surgical solution.  Although trained as a surgeon I have come to regard these disorders as principally neuromuscular disorders deserving of a neuromuscular solution.

It is clear that programs of pelvic floor neuromuscular rehabilitation successfully improve pelvic floor symptoms.  Such programs typically involve a set schedule of isometric pelvic floor muscle exercises (Kegel exercises) that must be continued long term.  It is also clearly established that very few women will continue to perform this type of isometric exercises for an extended period of time.

In creating the Pfilates program we have ventured to provide a plyometric (movement oriented) method of pelvic floor exercise that could be incorporated in to any regular fitness routine.  Our neuromuscular research reveals that movements which engage the external hip rotators, adductors of the thigh, transverses abdominals, and gluteal muscles also facilitate, or induce, a pelvic floor contraction.  This information has proven especially useful for women unable to perform an isolated voluntary pelvic floor contraction.

The Pfilates program is a simple program consisting of ten movements presented in the same order in three different phases (beginning, intermediate, and advanced).  Each of the Pfilates movements includes a series of repetitions followed by a hold phase and a pulse phase at the point of peak engagement of the pelvic floor.  As such these movements encourage the development of the three essential elements of neuromuscular performance: strength, endurance, and coordination.  The Pfilates DVD includes a detailed “Learn These Movements” that should be reviewed carefully before beginning any of the ten minute routines.

Pfilates is intended to be preventative but also a therapeutic alternative for those already experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.  For patients that have already has surgery Pfilates can help protect the investment and reduce the chance for recurrent symptoms

For more information about Pfilates program contact C&G Medicare Ltd.  We are offering the full Pfilates kit which includes 64 minute DVD of Pfilates exercises, 1 full colour manual, 20 cm Pfilates ball,  plus a free antibacterial cleaning spray plus a free satin bag to store your kit in. Total value £51.48 we are offering this for just £29.99 at our store www.incoshop.co.uk  

Created by Dr Bruce Crawford
Created by Dr Bruce Crawford

Incostress chosen to run in Best Natural Pharmacy Awards

A natural way to control incontinence and discreetly do pelvic floor exercises

.Incostress has already proved to  improve the quality of life for thousands of women around the world since it was first launched in 2007. It as claimed international awards for best medical device, best design, innovator of the year (twice) and best product for science and technology in 2008. Could 2012 be another award-winning year for this amazing little medical device?

We would love to hear from you regarding your personal or if you know someone who is having to deal with incontinence. Incostress not only immediately controls incontinence it has also been found to help women who have a pelvic organ prolapse called a rectocele. A rectocele is where the bowel collapses into the vaginal wall. Incostress supports the bowel wall.

Incostress is distributed by many independent pharmacies and also by the largest pharmacy in the United Kingdom Boots. Incostress is available on-line at http://www.boots.com but can also be ordered in store.

The Inventor of Incostress has set up a free help line for women who suffer incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues. Her amazing team consists of registered women’s health physiotherapists from around the world and gynaecologists who all offer their valuable time on a voluntary basis to help raise the awareness of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Her team ensures patients are given the correct information about their individual conditions.

There are so many products out there without medical clinical evidence to support their claims that women who are seeking help tend to ‘waste their money’ as they can end up buying a product which is not suitable for their condition.

C&G Medicare Ltd in the UK offer a unique FREE service which advises (but never diagnoses) patients on the best route to help them with their condition. It is ALWAYS recommended that you visit your doctor or physiotherapist to discuss all symptoms you have for you to get the best treatment.

Do you run an independent pharmacy? contact www.incostress.com for information and leaflets on Incostress.

Please vote for us at Natural Pharmacy Awards click on the logo

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Incostress stops bladder weakness and strengthens pelvic floor muscles


A perfect pelvic floor needs your help

Mary O’Dwyer is a lead womens health physiotherapist in Australia. She travels worldwide holding workshops for women and physiotherapists.  For more details go to www.holditsister.com

Mary has written a number of amazing easy to read books which puts you back in the control of your own body. Hold It Sister and Hold It Mama are just 2 of the self help books women are now turning to. It’s not just women in need that are reading Hold It Mama and Hold It Sister, no even the healthcare professionals are using her books as reference books to help thier patients.

More educational information about the pelvic floor and incontinence can be found on www.incostress.com

Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse affects millions of women and destroys their quality of life. Find the right non surgical solution for you in Mary’s books.

Following some very simple controlled exercises can help prevent, incontinence, prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Hold It Mama shows how you can have an easy childbirth. Help with postpartum how to avoid postpartum depression.

Mary’s books are available at all major book stores.

Note to medical professionals. Please contact  Richard Demery-Kane for your copies and further information about medical conferences.

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Meet the author at Blackwell’s Bookstore at Guys Campus London

Mary O’Dwyer lead physiotherapist author of Hold It Sister and Hold it Mama will be holding not only a book signing at Blackwell’s bookshop at Guys Campus store, she will be offering advice to women about pelvic floor and incontinence issues.

Mary’s techniques are unique and well worth a vist to listen to what she has to say.

Do you suffer with a pelvic organ prolapse? find out what can be done to help it. Rectocele, cystocele, vaginal vault, urethracele and incontinence all affect women and their quality of life.

Her book Hold it Sister is a best seller and is not only a major help to women, but is a fantastic reference book, which has case studies, exercises and secrets on how to keep those core muscles strong.

Medical staff are using this book to help explain better to patients how to deal with female health issues.

Why not join one of her workshops whilst she is in the UK and Ireland.

Meet the author and here more about her speak on women’s health issues.

9th May 2012 12pm at Blackwell’s Bookshop- Guys Campus

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Shepherds House Annexe, St Thomas Street
Tel: 020 7403 9216

Email: Guys@Blackwell.co.ukManager: James Petersen