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Pelvic floor stimulators

Urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse can have a significant physical, social and psychological for many women. There are a number of solutions in the management of these problems.

The process of urination and its control depend on an intact neuromuscular system. The bladder is made up of smooth muscle – the detrusor muscle, while the urethra has smooth muscles with a band of striated muscle. Both the somatic and autonomic nervous systems provide innervation to these muscles. The bladder muscle must contract while the urethral sphincter relaxes during urination. It works best when the two are coordinated. The pelvic floor musculature consists of striated muscle fibres innervated by the pudendal nerve. By supporting the bladder and helping to lengthen the urethra, the pelvic floor muscles assist the passage of urine and its control.

Electrical stimulation is a modality that physiotherapists use to treat a variety of conditions. Electrical stimulation is used to restore normal physiological reflex mechanisms in abnormal nervous systems and muscles, as well as to strengthen striated muscles. Using Electro therapy, we try to stimulate the fibres of the pelvic (S2-S4), hypogastric (T10-L2), and pudendal nerves. It is believed that electrical stimulation can inhibit detrusor activity by activating inhibitory nerve fibres in the sympathetic hypogastric nerve, and inhibiting parasympathetic excitatory nerves in the pelvic nerve. It is also used to stimulate and strengthen the striated muscles of the pelvic floor via the pudendal nerve.

Routinely used machines are the interferential electrical stimulation machine and intra-vaginal stimulation machines. The Empi Intravaginal Stimulation Unit is a unit providing neuromuscular stimulation that can be used at home by the patient. The unit consists of a compact battery operated stimulator has two independent channels. One channel operates at 125 Hz to promote bladder inhibition; the other operates at 50 Hz to stimulate muscle contraction. Both channels can be used separately, or together. The electrode is a soft, silicone rubber cylinder about the size of a tampon. The electrode can be easily inserted and the patient learns how to take proper care of it. The therapist adjusts the settings on the stimulator and then the patient is taught how to control the intensity. The intensity should be high enough to cause a muscle contraction but within the patient’s comfort limits.

Many of the patients with incontinence have weakened musculature contributing to their urinary incontinence. Their symptoms often improve when they follow their prescribed exercise program and have adequate strength. Electrical stimulation is indicated when they have strength less than ‘fair’ as measured during a manual muscle test. It may also be indicated to provide sensory stimulation for patients with urge incontinence.

It is always advisable to seek medical help and undoubtedly a good session with your women’s health physiotherapist is the best way for you to learn correct techniques.


What is Estim?

Estim is known under a few descriptions, Erotic Stimulation, Erotic Electro Stimulation and Electric Stimulation.

Depending what your needs are there are plenty of devices to chose from and it is always best to discuss the types of devices with your medical advisor prior to investing.

Estim is also known as EMS Electrical muscle stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

What ever you chose to call it or which ever product you decide to use all of them come down to one thing, which is forcing the of muscles to contract through electric impulses.

Women with weak pelvic floor muscles may see this as an easy option for pelvic floor exercising, but  with every good idea there is always a down side, which is why it is so important to discuss any alternative pelvic floor therapy with your medical advisor and physiotherapist. Over use of an electrical stimulation on muscles and cause over tightening of the muscles which can lead to fatigue.

Using Estim with a physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist may place electrodes on the skin in various locations or insert a probe into the vagina to be able to stimulate a single or group of muslces.

These controled contractions via electrical stimulation helps strengthen the affected muscles. The physiotherapist can chnage the settings to allow for a strong or gentle muscle contraction. Along with increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle also promotes blood supply to the area that assists in healing.

EMS machines can be beneficial as a strengthening training device towards healthy muscles and ligaments. It can also be used effectively as a rehabilitation method in patients that have little or no sensation of the muscles.

The machines used in physiotherapy practises are more powerful and tend to reach deeper into the muscle mass than the home devices.

There are several types of EMS devices and are used in different ways but all end up with the same purpose: to contract and stimulate muscles through the delivery of electrical impulses.

EMS can be particularly helpful for stroke patients.

For more information about EMS, Estim and other muscle rehabilitation products please see the specialists www.win-health.com


Pfilates– A combination of pelvic floor exercise AND Pilates!

 One-Day Workshop

 Date: Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 September 2013


Venue: Springhealth Leisure, 81 Belsize Park Gardens, Belsize Park, London NW3 4NJ


Price: £197 – EARLY BIRD PRICE ENDS 31 JULY 2013!!!

Then £237 if paid thereafter


Book your space NOW – www.clairemockridge.com/pfilates

controls urge and stress incontinence. Gets you back into the shape you need

controls urge and stress incontinence. Gets you back into the shape you need

 Who is Pfilates suitable for?

Pfilates is suitable for:

  • Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Pilates Teachers
  • Ante/Postnatal Specialists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • And, ANYONE with an interest in pelvic floor health!

You do NOT need to have a Pilates qualification to attend, and on completion of the Workshop, you’ll receive certification as a Pfilates Instructor.

The Pfilates method can be used 1-2-1 with clients who require specialist attention, and also lends itself well to instruction in small groups.  Pfilates is particularly popular with groups of postnatal women.

Who created Pfilates?

Founder of Pfilates program

Founder of Pfilates program

The PFilates program was created by Urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford to help women and men improve pelvic floor fitness.

Pfilates includes a series of exercise routines to assist clients improve pelvic floor strength, in a progressive pelvic floor fitness training program.

In 2008, Dr. Crawford studied 120 mat Pilates, Yoga, and personal training movements using and from this pool of data, a series of movements were selected that provide excellent passive engagement of the pelvic floor by using various co-contractors including the Transversus abdominis, lower extremity adductors, and Gluteals.

The result?  We achieve much greater motor-unit recruitment per contraction than the “traditional  Kegel”.

The Pfilates program exploits principals of plyometric training and overflow to achieve optimal pelvic floor performance.

Book your space NOW here: www.clairemockridge.com/pfilates

Contact Claire for Pfilates training

Contact Claire for Pfilates training

Date: Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 September 2013

Venue: Springhealth Leisure, 81 Belsize Park Gardens, Belsize Park, London NW3 4NJ

Price: £197 – EARLY BIRD PRICE ENDS 31 JULY 2013!!!

Then £237 if paid thereafter

For more details, your UK contacts are:

– Sarah Rosenfield


– Tel: 07767 404748

– Claire Mockridge


– Tel: 07747 656550


Order your Pfilates kits or Pfilates DVDs from www.incoshop.co.uk  64 min Pfilates DVDs an incredible £9.99



Who has this amazing book to assist with pelvic floor health, self help regarding incontinence, pelvic floor exercises, what is the best food to maintain a good strong pelvic floor?

www.incostress.com (also an approved NHS supplier)

www.win-health.com (leading supplier of physiotherapy equipment) 

www.waterstones.com (leading highstreet bookstore)

www.blackwell.co.uk (leading highstreet bookstore)

Hold it sister offers you self help in pelvic floor exercises and bladder control. Hold it Sister is a self help book which helps with obtaining stronger pelvic floor muscles in preparation for childbirth, a stronger pelvic movement to enhance intimate relations, stronger pelvic floor muscles to control bladder weakness, kegel exercises too prevent prolapse.

  • Paperback: 164 pages
  • Publisher: Redsok
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-987076601
  • Dimensions: 20.3 x 14.7 x 0.8 cm

The most advanced  book about your pelvic floor you will ever read

Pelvic floor toner and Hold It Sister by Mary O’Dwyer winners of Your Healthy Living

What better way to start spring time with KeyGal tested and voted as one of the best pelvic toners to encourage women to remember how to do their pelvic floor exercises by women’s health physiotherapists.

Your Healthy Living magazine is a lead magazine available from health stores (pick up your free copy from the health stores) has great articles and ethical products which have been tested and assessed by the team at YOUR HEALTHY LIVING.  http://www.yourhealthyliving.co.uk/

In this months issue you will find the lovely Linda Lucardi revealing her secrets on how she keeps looking good and in shape.

Your Healthy Living ran a competition to win a prize worth almost £50 worth. The KeyGal pelvic floor exerciser and a copy of the best selling Hold It Sister by lead physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer.  5 lucky winners will be mentioned on the www.incostress.com site.

KeyGal and Hold It Sister





IncoStress helping embarrassing situations


It is estimated that 1 in 3 women have urinary stress incontinence

It’s thanks to programs such as Embarrassing Bodies that awareness is raised about stress incontinence and women can take a positive step to react and do something about it.

Physiotherapy is a good start to break bad habits regarding the pelvic floor and train to get into good  habits which can keep the pelvic floor firm and tight, controlling those embarrassing leaks (SUI).

There are many reasons why women have stress incontinence. Some of the common reasons are

Childbirth, menopause, chronic cough, laxity of the pelvic floor, MS…..

Pelvic floor therapy has been used successfully for decades. Probably the most famous doctor of all who introduced Kegel Training was Dr Arnold Kegel. This is a set of exercises which engage the core muscles of the pelvic floor allowing the woman better control, not only for incontinence, but control during sexual intercourse and the ability to control passing wind.

There have been many products designed to help with kegels (pelvic floor exercises). Please remember that the pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles which can be overworked, torn and damaged just like any other muscle in the body. The problem is that because you can’t see this group of muscles women tend to overwork them.

Make sure you find the right product to actual suit your specific condition (which is why as a medical company/manufacturer of Incostress and the Kegel8 Day toner we always recommend you discuss any exercises and symptoms with your  doctor or physiotherapist first).

The pelvic floor does not mean No Pain No Gain! In fact it is the opposite. If you have pain in the pelvic floor region please get to a doctor sooner rather than later.

Discuss the use of Incostress with your doctor. IncoStress is a class IIa medical device (class 2 in Canada ) which has undergone rigorous trails and scrutiny from several sceptics. Incostress has proven time and time again to be an instant solution for women with stress incontinence as it supports the bladder neck and urethra, controlling the leakage of incontinence. Incostress is also an aid to help you identify the pelvic floor muscles for you to gently work out internally.

During the design stage we considered every aspect of the symptoms, conditions it would treat and also the ergonomic shape to offer total comfort to the user.  During the clinical trial 30% of women were taken off the waiting list for surgery thanks to using Incostress.

If you have had surgery, Incostress can also be used as a support for the pelvic floor during recovery.

What in the pipeline for C&G Medicare ? We have taken the role to look after APOPS Europe (Association of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support) a non-profit organisation, run by medical people to help women who have POP (pelvic organ prolapses)

We are designing a major product which is set to help women with pelvic organ prolapse. This project will help by concentrating on the Pelvic Myofascial Trigger points offering solutions for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.  If you are a women’s health physiotherapists and would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

Speak to your physiotherapists or doctor about IncoStress.



Which type of incontinence do you have?

This survey is designed to help you and your doctor determine what type of incontinence you are experiencing. No personal information such as email address, names etc. This survey is for you to fill out and print off to take to your doctor to help you.
Click here to take survey

For more information on incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse visit http://www.incostress.com

 Which type of incontinence do you have?

For Stress Incontinence, over active bladder (to stabilize the bladder) nocturia and pelvic floor strengthening you may want to try

INCOSTRESS. Go to www.incostress.com

Incostress is a class IIa medical device which has clinical evidence to demonstrate its efficacy.

Incostress is made in the United Kingdom by C&G Medicare. We also manufacture the Day Toner which is a class I pelvic floor exerciser.

Incostress can be left in the body up to 29 days, however we recommend you use it for a maximum of 8 hours then remove for an hour before re-inserting. We want you to train your pelvic muscles so eventually you won’t need anything to control the incontinence.

Incostress is made from body friendly medical grade silicone, which means it can be washed and re-used time and time again.

Incostress is ideal for any woman who can support a tampon. (there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome with Incostress as bacteria does not breed on silicone.

Order your Incostress in store from Boots or online in the United Kingdom.

Order from www.incostress.com and get a FREE bottle of IncoClean, a biofriendly antibacterial cleaner which also protects your Incostress. IncoClean is safe to use on skin as it is PH balanced. It does NOT contain alcohol.

We recommend Incostress for women who

Have just had babies

Women who are approaching the menopause (depletion of oestrogen can weaken the muscles Incostress can help maintain muscle control)

Women who have passed the menopause.

Women who experience over active bladder and want to train their bladder to be stable

Women with Urinary Stress Incontinence (SUI)

Women who leak slightly during sports. Incostress acts as a support for the pelvic floor during impact, lessening the strain of the pelvic floor

Women who suffer nocturia (getting up several times during the  night to pass water).

Incostress stops incontinence

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