Sherrie Palm shares her innermost secrets, experience and advice in her award winning book Pelvic Organ Proalpse the silent epidemic

Find out why so many medical professionals are passing this book onto their patients.

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic

Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic by Sherrie Palm
An award winning fantastic book which gives women down to earh plain speaking advice, diagnosis and how to deal with Pelvic organ prolapse.

Pelvic organ prolapse is an extremely common female health issue that ALL WOMEN need to know about. Symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can be confused and mistaken for other health conditions. Symptoms of POP are:

pelvic/back/vaginal/rectal pain
Urinary or fecal incontinence
pain with intercourse
chronic constipation
lack of sexual sensation
vaginal/rectal pressure

and many others.

Vaginal childbirth and menopause are the two leading causes of POP. Unfortunately, most women first hear about pelvic organ prolapse AFTER they are diagnosed with POP.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from a cystocele, rectocele, or type of POP and should talk with your physician about pelvic organ prolapse now.

Our goal is to increase awareness and recognition of POP symptoms, causes, and treatments. Pelvic organ prolapse impacts millions of women around the world physically, emotionally, socially, sexually, and financially. We need to increase POP awareness; we need to increase it now.

Pelvic Floor control and an amazing little device

Pfilates a program that every woman and man should use

Dr Bruce Crawford is an amazing doctor who has spent years perfecting a program which is sweeping the continents. Dr Crawford an international renowned gynaecologist has dedicated his life to giving women a better quality of life.

He developed a program called Pfilates. This simple program has different levels so you can build up the hold and pulse movements the stronger your pelvic floor becomes. This program has swept the USA and Canada, where instructors and being trained to help women benefit from Pfilates.

C&G Medicare Ltd United Kingdom, are advocates of the Pelvic Floor Movement. Its founder and CEO Gaynor Morgan has won many international awards for her medical device Incostress and has built up the company from ground level. Now Gaynor works with many respected medical professionals bridging the gap between patients and medical professionals.

C&G Medicare Ltd run APOPS Europe a free advice center whereby men and women but mainly women can call and ask for advice about pelvic floor issues. They find the best solution via the medical route to help those who are suffering with pelvic organ issues.

Gaynor says “Its about education and finding a solution for the men and women who are suffering. Our job is simply to listen offer general advice about symptoms and try to find a suitable doctor,clinic, physiotherapist etc who are able to help these men and women.

Its saddening to see so many women with incontinence problems or/and prolapse issues that when they call they feel so helpless and don’t realise that there are plenty of good medical solutions without the intervention of surgery available.

Of course, we ALWAYS encourage them to seek a suitable doctor first as there maybe other complications going on we are not aware of with the women who speak to us. It is so important that they are seen by a medical professional before going onto the net to try to self diagnose. There is a lot of good information on the net, but many women do tend to try so many products which are not necessarily suited to their condition and as a result they make the condition worse, which is why we URGE women to first speak to the medical team about their problem.

Many women are too embarrassed or ashamed and this holds them back from speaking about their condition. Many think that incontinence is a way of life if they end up with this condition, and feel pads are the only way to treat incontinence.

Women who have any sort of pelvic organ prolapse are frightened due to the sensation of their insides literally falling out and cut themselves off from even speaking to their partners about it, which doesn’t help their position in their relationship.

There isn’t one quick fix – fix all product on the market because every person is unique, their build, their structure, their lifestyle habits etc this all plays a large part in how the condition is treated. If you have two women of the same build etc, with the same condition, there is no guarantee the same treatment will be successful for both, which is why your medical professional should be consulted first.


C&G Medicare Ltd also offer a basic pelvic floor training with patients on the phone, which has helped many women. The company has also developed several free downloadable print off sheets to help the women speak to their doctor about their condition. These sheets have proven successful as patients simply answer the questions on the sheet, print and take to their doctor. They don’t even have to speak as all the information is there for the doctor to read.  Free downloads questions you should ask your doctor here One of the reasons its been so successful is the fact we don’t ask for details. So many websites now won’t let you access information unless you leave your name, email etc. That’s not what we are about. We don’t collect customers details. These downloads are between the patient and doctor to discuss.

Pfilates kit

Pfilates instructors/physiotherapists and qualified instructors contact us for the instructor package and training package.

C& G Medicare Ltd are offering a limited edition Pfilates complete kit

  •     Includes the 64 minute Pfilates easy to follow different levels instructional DVD,
  •     Pfilates instructional guide book
  •      20cm ball
  •     Medical pelvic toning device (medical grade silicone)
  •     Satin bag Size 26cm X 31cm- Colour – Royal Blue

Designed and tested by key opinion leader Uro/gynaecologist Dr Bruce Crawford

Clinically tested to obtain positive results. Ideal for post natal use and pelvic floor muscles which are neglected in exercise.

Pfilates are a cross between gentle yoga and Pilates. The most effective pelvic floor training ever.

A perfect gift to give all men and women of any age. There are different levels to achieve during this program, all are gentle and progressive.

These exercises have proven to help:

  •     Control bladder issues
  •     Increase pelvic floor and abdominal strength (inside and outer muscle strength)
  •     Help avoid pelvic organ prolapse
  •     Strengthen the muscles to enhance sexual feeling
  •     The pelvic toning device trains the vaginal muscles the grip/strengthen/resistance movements.
  •     Those who encounter painful intercourse

Pelvic floor training is important not only for the fact these important muscles hold the vital organs in place, but that they are needed to be in good condition to allow an easier childbirth.

The pelvic floor needs to be stong so that women do not encounter pelvic organ prolapse (a collapse or drop of the one organ into the wall of another)

And of course we need a good pelvic floor contraction during sexual intercourse to be able to reach the ultimate orgasm.

Did you know that natural red heads are more prone to weak pelvic floor muscles due to the structure of the fibres in the pelvic floor of a red head?

Anyone can use the pfilates program regardless of sex or age. We have a limited edition offer with the pelvic floor toning device. Normal price £67.00 but with using the discount code PFJUL you get £20.00 off the pfilates limited edition.

For more information click here to the pfilates limited edition kit.

Recommended reading for those who have pelvic floor/ incontinence issues. These books have all been endorsed by leading medical doctors.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse by Sherrie Pam (this book is an award winner) Available in all leading book stores in the UK

Hold It Sister & Hold It Mam by Mary O’Dwyer (lead physiotherapist for women’s health) Available in all leading book stores in the UK (Blackwell’s bookstore have  special prices for medical staff at their exhibitions)

Pelvic Floor Recovery by Sue Croft (lead physiotherapist)



A perfect pelvic floor needs your help

Mary O’Dwyer is a lead womens health physiotherapist in Australia. She travels worldwide holding workshops for women and physiotherapists.  For more details go to

Mary has written a number of amazing easy to read books which puts you back in the control of your own body. Hold It Sister and Hold It Mama are just 2 of the self help books women are now turning to. It’s not just women in need that are reading Hold It Mama and Hold It Sister, no even the healthcare professionals are using her books as reference books to help thier patients.

More educational information about the pelvic floor and incontinence can be found on

Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse affects millions of women and destroys their quality of life. Find the right non surgical solution for you in Mary’s books.

Following some very simple controlled exercises can help prevent, incontinence, prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Hold It Mama shows how you can have an easy childbirth. Help with postpartum how to avoid postpartum depression.

Mary’s books are available at all major book stores.

Note to medical professionals. Please contact  Richard Demery-Kane for your copies and further information about medical conferences.

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Ask the expert

Female healthcare

Ask the expert about bladder or pelvic floor problems. C&G Medicare Ltd in the United Kingdom work with healthcare professionals world wide.

C&G Medicare are the experts behind the award winning Incostress a medical device to control female incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor. Recommended by the NHS, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

Now in stock is the latest edition of Hold it Sister by lead physiotherapists Mary O’Dwyer and the award winning Pelvic Organ Prolapse by founder of Association of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support – Sherrie Palm

Incostress is available at Boots in the UK.

For more advice and information about anything to do with pelvic floor issues contact us we can find you a physiotherapist in your area as part of our awareness campaign fighting for a better quality of life for women.