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TransVaginal Tape procedure

Most doctors who treat incontinence recommend a sling operation as the first choice for the treatment of uncomplicated stress incontinence in women.
This procedure is rarely done in men.
A sling is formed by taking a piece of the abdominal tissue (fascia) or synthetic material.
The man-made sling pushes on the urethral sphincter, thus preventing leakage of urine during stressful movements.
These procedures require a small cut in the abdomen and vagina.
Many different types of the sling procedure have been developed, including a TransVaginal Tape procedure which uses smaller cuts and can be done as an outpatient surgery.
80 to 90% of people who have had sling procedures to correct their stress incontinence no longer ‘leak’.
It is important that before having this operation the woman must be 100% sure that she will not give birth in the future due to the fact that the sling will not stretch during fetal growth.
Possible complications include infection, erosion of the sling, non-healing vaginal wall, fistula or abscess formation, urgency, urge incontinence, and urinary retention.

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