Empowering YOU to be in control


There are many reasons why people become incontinent. Regardless what the reason is incontinence can ruin the daily life. Society has put the ‘taboo’ onto a condition that can be treated and controlled.

Many of us choose to suffer in silence or at least admit ‘I know someone who has that condition’.

How many of us actually know our own bodies?

In the next few pages I will try to demonstrate how the body works in relation with female incontinence and what are the different solutions to deal with it.

I would strongly recommend anyone to seek professional medical advice regarding any medical situation you may have. The information on these pages has not been endorsed by medical professionals and are only here for the purpose of trying to bring awareness to women about incontinence. These pages are a result of my many years of research into this area and the development of the Incostress, a medical device to control stress incontinence in women.


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