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The company

C&G Medicare Ltd was first created in 2006 to promote our new innovation to control stress incontinence in women.
We have since grown not only supplying a wide range of incontinence products but also by developing and creating focus groups throughout Europe to bring about awareness of incontinence amongst our society. We help women understand their own bodies and work with them helping them cope with their condition and rebuild their self confidence. 

C&G Medicare Ltd is ISO13485:2003 registered and manufacture IncoStress

C&G Medicare Ltd holds the IP for this medical device called IncoStress a brand new innovation to control stress incontinence and help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

C&G Medicare Ltd are dedicated to raise awareness in women who suffer incontinence. We hold focus groups around Europe and welcome anyone who would like to be part of the ‘stress incontinence survivors’ campaign.

C&G Medicare Ltd would like to thank the follow for all their support and professional guidance.
Without the highly skilled knowledge and assistance of the following bodies C&G Medicare Ltd would not have been able to bring IncoStress to market.
Wales Innovation Network, International Business Wales, Department for enterprise, Innovation and networks – South West Wales,  Welsh Assembly Government

To find out more

Contact us:

 via our web site www.incostress.com
Tel: 0871 218 1233 from the UK

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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