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Gehrung Pessary:
The Gehrung pessaries are available with or without support knob in Milex, please note that Bioteque no longer supply the gehrun with knob into the UK.

The Gehrung is suitable for women presenting a cystocele and/or rectocele. They are also very effective treating procidentia where the uterus tends to herniate when other pessaries are used.

Fitting the Gehrung: If being fitted using the one with knob support, this gehrung should be fitted with a full bladder then you will be asked to empty the bladder post fitting. This ensures the knob is positioned properly and you can empty your bladder properly. The one without the knob, it isn’t necessary to fit with a full bladder, however the patient must be able to empty the bladder fully when the gehrung is inserted.
I would suggest you irriagate the vagine prior to fitting, this removes any loose membrane and excess secretions, which could potentially get trapped between the vagina and pessary and cause an unpleasant smell later on.

Please be aware that the gehrung is one of the most difficult pessaries to fit and should only be fitted and removed by your medical professional trained in pessary fitting.

Those with endometriosis, this may not be suitable for you and should be discussed with your doctor.

The gehrung is made from medical grade silicone and the arch can be manipulated to support the rectocele.

Gehrung fitting pessary

Are you a medical professional and would like to know more about our educational program on pessaries. Please get in touch via www.candgmedicare.com

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