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The Bladder and Caesars

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I recently read some research (BMJ Open 2013:3:e002789)  looking at the Caesarean rate in public and private hospitals in Western Australia. It looked at births to nulliparous women during 1996-2008 (155646). The study looked at the Caesar rate depending on the source of funding (private versus public hospital) and found 29% ( 45903) in total were performed. 24803 were performed in-labour meaning that because of foetal or maternal distress, and 21100 were performed pre-labour, meaning they were  planned C section. The study concluded that an increase in the pre-labour caesarean delivery rate for private patients has been driving the increase in C section rate for nulliparous women since 1996.

Now the point of this blog is not to draw attention to the many pelvic floors that are not undergoing the potential damage that pushing a baby out may cause ie the Caesar rate, but rather to reiterate the importance of all women undergoing any gynaecological surgeryincluding Caesareans, to…

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