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Natural Sea Sponges

Natural Sea Sponges

Natural Sea Sponges The Story

History | Processing | Usage | Environment | Features & Benefits | Natural vs Synthetic | How they work


Earliest documented use by Romans C2-3BC – National Geographic report back 635 million years

Commercial trading since mid C19

Early years, crews were press ganged in to joining the ships

Heroes of the time, brought wealth to the Islands

Collection was very dangerous, many divers became very ill, crippled or died at sea

The collection ships and crew would gather in the village square and be blessed by a priest for safety

Earliest divers would go in naked and strapped to heavy rocks to help them submerge

Collection and processing skills passed through families, who still operate today

Early Europeans used natural sponges for crash helmets, drinking utensils and municipal water filters

Used by athletes in the ancient Olympic games for applying perfume and olive oil

Homer (classic ancient Greek poet) in The Iliad (an ancient Greek poem) is said to have given God Hephastus a natural sponge to bath himself, 8Century BC


Sponges collected from ocean floor, cut off above the roots allow them to re grow

They grow in Greece, Florida, Cuba, Bahamas

Majority coming from Greek Mediterranean and Florida Keys

Stones, algae and marine debris removed

Multi 10 stage cleaning and preparation process


Fully sustainable and eco friendly

Cut, leaving the roots behind which enables new sponges to grow

Sponges re grow stronger each time

Have been known to live up to 100 years, grow up to 2m diameter

Sponges 100% natural, organic. Nothing added to the growing process

Can regenerate from fragments naturally broken off in their habitat

Government legislation prevents collection below certain sizes

Also geographical constraints on where sponges can be collected from

Around 5000 different documented species of sponge, only about 7 can be commercially harvested

Regrown sponges from cut roots are documented as being larger and stronger than previous

Sponge divers require government certification to protect the environment

Crop rotation helps to maintain the sponge population

pure natural luxury sea sponge

Natural silk sea sponge


The make up of the sponge removes dead skin cells when washing

Reveals the fresh new skin beneath, free of impurities

Natural sponges contain microbial symbionts to may be used to control viruses, bacteria and tumours

Creates an improved lather better than synthetic sponges

Natural silk sea sponges

Natural silk sea sponges

Natural vs Synthetic

Synthetic sponges impregnated with antibacterial chemicals / Natural sponges naturally resist bacteria

Antibacterial chemicals can irritate sensitive skin / No irritants in natural sponge

Synthetic sponges can be abrasive and ‘drag’ on the skin / natural sponges do not have any friction or drag

Synthetic sponges will discolour and corrode in a short time / natural sponges will last and maintain the function for much longer – potentially years if looked after

Natural sponge much more absorbent

Synthetic usually manufactured in huge factories by massive companies / natural brings work and income to villages and islands highly reliant on these.

How they work

Sponges have a series of microscopic pores and channels allowing water to run through and impurities to be separated

Water travels through a complex system of canals and chambers within the body, and expelled cleansed at the exit of the natural plumbing

Endulge in skin so soft natural silk sea sponges

Endulge in skin so soft natural silk sea sponges

Features & Benefits

Fibre compounds in sponges include

Collagen protein………….


Compounds in specific sponges are used to kill cells in lung, breast and pancreatic cancer

Toxin free and hypo-allergenic

Creates a thicker improved lather

Toxin Free and hypo-allergenic

Natural sponges are a rich source of compounds used in the fight against cancer and infectious disease

Natural silk sea sponges

Natural silk sea sponges

Endulge in skin so soft natural silk sea sponges

Endulge in skin so soft natural silk sea sponges

pure natural luxury sea sponge

Natural silk sea sponge

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