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Bowel dysfunction has many causes. Thanks Sue Croft Physiotherapist for this great blog

sue croft physiotherapist blog

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When you think about a pelvic floor physiotherapist, the first thing most people think of is that WH physios teach pelvic floor exercisesand quite often, even amongst a few doctors, that’s ALL we teach patients. But as you have read from many of my blogs, the treatment strategies involved for stress urinary incontinence, the overactive bladder, vaginal or rectal prolapse, bowel dysfunction, persistent pelvic pain and other conditions involve quite a number of different treatment strategiesand each of them – and the sum of all of them – are what contribute to a solution for each of these problems.

That’s what is going wrong for women when they lament that they are doing their pelvic floor exercises but they are still leaking/ soiling/suffering frequency and urgency/feeling a vaginal bulge/ getting pelvic pain/having sexual dysfunction and so on. If the only piece of advice they have been given is to “Do your pelvic floor exercises” then…

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