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A common scenario: You have constipation, but the cause is unknown (and may have several underlying factors). There are a variety of tests for constipation. What if your physician orders a “DEFECOGRAM?”

This is actually quite a common test, but if you search the internet, it will likely leave you with questions and fears. Dr. Vikas Shah, guest blogger and UK consultant radiologist specializing in gastrointestinal and colorectal imaging, shares information to dispel to the myths about defecograms.

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 What is a defecogram:

A defecating proctogram, also known as a defecography or a defagram, is used for functional imaging of the muscles and tubular structures used in defecation. It is a study commonly used to demonstrate the functional problem in a person with pelvic floor dysfunction, or a rectocele.  These symptoms can be constipation, incomplete evacuation, incontinence, mucous discharge, or perineal pain

By Dr.Shah



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