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#pelvicmafia. Go girls you are simply the best

Pelvic Guru

Would you like an official #pelvicmafia shirt?

Are you looking for a fun way to start a conversation about pelvic health and the pelvic floor? Do you want to share a common mission with many pelvic health professionals and supporters from all over the globe? Would you like strange and inquisitive looks and questions from strangers? (ha).

Many of you asked and I have an answer for you!


Here’s the link: Ts for Vs 

Info from the website:

“An ambitious bid (by an impassioned & frustrated pelvic/women’s health physical therapist) to ratchet up the visibility of sensitive pelvic health concerns internationally and to fund the projects supporting those concerns. Because believe it or not, it is ironically not sexy to fund humanitarian organizations addressing sexual health (and pelvic pain, and poo, and pee…). Buying from Ts for Vs gets these necessary conversations going.

Proceeds from Ts for Vs supports The…

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