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Sexual Healing

Photo courtesy of Gabby Carroll Photo courtesy of Gabby Carroll

As usual when you have any kind of pelvic pain or sexual disorder, absolutely nothing that has to do with your lady parts or derrière is simple. You even have to be concerned with the way you dress it. As annoying as this fact may be, selecting the right kind of underwear for your pain is essential for your day-to-day comfort.

Before I was afflicted with my pelvic pain, jaunting on over to Victoria’s Secret and picking out sexy underwear was a favorite activity of mine. I was relatively young, just beginning to explore my sexuality, and was thrilled that someone actually found me attractive, that I could dress up this new, womanly body (I loved me some cheeky cut undies). Of course, that all changed when I began feeling the pain and especially after I was diagnosed.

When you have pelvic pain, suddenly choosing what kind of…

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