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Its never too late to Kegel. Do you agree?

Sisters Village, Inc.

 I have had the privilege of working with women with urinary incontinence for most of my career as a physical therapist.  It is a challenging condition, and fortunately one that has become easier for women to discuss with each other and hopefully with their doctors.  For the vast majority of my patients, the biggest obstacle in improving bladder function is learning that there are MUSCLES which play a part in this problem, and then identifying and strengthening these muscles properly.  Pelvic floor muscle exercises ar sometimes referred to as Kegels (kay-gulls) and are routinely taught in childbirth preparation classes. However, research has shown that as many as 50% of women who are given only verbal  instruction in Kegels are unable to perform them correctly.  Some women think these exercises don’t work, when in fact they may be ineffective because they are being done incorrectly. If you have any problems with bladder or bowel control, pelvic organ…

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