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One womans journey and a whole lot of help for those who have pelvic organ prolapse

One womans journey and a whole lot of help for those who have pelvic organ prolapse

Helping raise the awareness of pelvic organ prolapse will help educate those who need to know what to do when they do find ‘bits falling outside of their bodies’.

Thousands of women are either too ashamed or simply don’t know what is happening to them. Pelvic organ prolapse happens for many reasons and over 50% of women experience this especially after giving birth.

One of the most common feelings is that you feel you are sitting on a tennis ball.

There are methods to help and prevent pelvic organ prolapse and with your help of passing this message along we can help those who need it.

Mothers, speak to your daughters (not always an easy subject) about it if you have experienced pelvic floor dysfunction. Chances are that if you have it so will your daughters.

Sherrie Palm, founder of APOPS (Association for pelvic organ pro. lapse support) has been fighting to bring this subject to the forefont of the medical staff who can help these women.




Press Release Pop Awareness Month 2014

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    Pelvic Organ Prolapse Awareness is the Month of June

  2. Mythoughts76 said:

    Sherry Palm has a wonderful POP facebook page where we who live with POP go to be informed and feel somewhat better talking to people with similar POP troubles.

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