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shewee biggest sales ever


Shewee has now got better! Shewee is a girls best friend when it comes to ‘nowhere to go and nowhere to hide’.

Shewee female funnel allows women to stand and pee!

Stuck in a traffic jam and need to empty your bladder, then shewee is the one for you ladies. The pefect female urine device.

Why not try the shewee complete kit. Shewee carry case, shewee funnel and shewee extention pipe. We have a super deal on at unbeatable prices. The Shewee extreme is now the same price as the Shewee single. Thats right you basically get the case and pipe for free!  ONLY £8.00 for the Shewee Extreme!SHOP HERE

Going camping? Take your shewee. No bothersome discount codes, we have already discounted your shewee.

Going hiking? Why don’t you take one shewee for you and one shewee for a friend. Shewee Singles are only £4.00 thats 50% off…

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