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Pessaries can play an important part in getting back a reasonable quality of life if you happen to suffer with stress incontinence (SUI)  and/or pelvic organ prolapse.

Today, pessary expert and advocate for women who suffer stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse Gaynor Morgan speaks about the Cramer Pessary.

Gaynor Morgan works with medical professionals and leading retailers all over Europe to help raise the awareness about the importance of getting incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues to the forefront and pushing for more education about these subjects.

Over 45% of women worldwide suffer with some type of pelvic organ prolapse and/ or incontinence. The World Health Organisation had deemed this as an epidemic that needs addressing.

Gaynor heads up the European side of the non profit organisation, APOPS – Association for pelvic organ prolapse support founded by award winning author of the book: Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic. Ms Sherrie Palm.


The Cramer pessary:
Material : Medical grade silicone with a steel spring inside for stabilization

Size range: Diameter 50mm and increases in 5mm increments to the largest size 90mm

Use : for the management of stress incontinence, cystocele and uterine prolapse.

DO NOT USE IF: You have had prior surgery and this includes vaginoplasty. Reason being, the pelvic floor must be somewhat stable to retain this pessary.

Usage: Fit in the morning and remove in the evening. Lubricant is advisable if the vagina is very dry. Recommended lubricants are yes and ladysoft

Fitting: The Dr or physiotherapist should show you and get you to practise insertion and removal. Ensure the two thick ends are right against the urethra and do not pinch.

The Cramer will lift and support the bladder neck which controls the involuntary loss of urine in SUI (Stresss Urinary Incontinence)
The pelvic floor must be in tact for this pessary to be successful. It hasn’t been very successful in the management of rectocele but is very good in the management of a cystocele where the patient also presents a uterine prolapse grade 1 or 2.

Care of the Cramer: Wash under clean water and allow to airdry. (Drying with a towel or paper towel can leave debris behind to stick to the pessary which can be introduced into the vaginal lining and may cause problems. Cleaning with a pessary sanitiser such as IncoClean (without alcohol) can also be used. Autoclaving is possible.
DO NOT microwave or boil this pessary due to the metal spring inside.

If you still leak urine after it has been fitted, it is possible that you have not positioned it correctly. Remove and reposition.

They are not available on the NHS prescription at this time.

For more information please go to www.incostress.com and go to the free downloads.

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