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Uriwell is the best selling portable toilet on the market and here’s why.

Uriwell’s ergonomic design allows you to use your Uriwell discreetly in any position.  Standing, lying or sitting.

Uriwell has a concertina extendable base that holds up to 750ml. Uriwell can be used by both male and female and the airtight leak proof lid and body has odour control and will not spill even when you put the Uriwell on its side.

Uriwell comes in blue or pink.

Going, camping, trekking, travelling or simply always stuck in traffic jams with nowhere to go when nature calls, then you need Uriwell.

Are you wheelchair bound, bed ridden, a truck driver or simply just can’t make the toilet on time? Then you need Uriwell.

We have a special offer just for you. Buy your Uriwell today for just £10 at our on line store www.incoshop.co.uk whilst stocks last. This price won’t last for long.

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Uriwell Testimonial from Arctic Expedition

 ‘The Uriwell device proved a valuable asset on my recent expedition in the Arctic. In April I took part in a sponsored dog sledging challenge over the high mountains of Northern Norway and Sweden with an almost all woman team.

 As an experienced sledger I know the problems involved when it comes to toilet issues. Normally there are basic facilities near the cabins we stay in but to get to them is another matter. In the middle of an Arctic night it involves putting on all the kit and boots then
negotiating snow drifts with a head torch.

This recent trip was in a much more remote region and involved camping in unpredictable weather conditions. I found the Uriwell made all the difference. I could use it discreetly undercover without having to battle with the elements. It will certainly be part of my kit for future expeditions.’

Cathy Cooper, Challenge Coordinator
Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute http://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/friends


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