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Hot Flashes – Menopausal Women Are Not Alone

Although the causes of hot flashes remain mostly unknown, conventional wisdom holds that fluctuations in hormones contribute significantly.

When hormonal fluctuations occur (particularly a decrease in estrogens), the hypothalamus – the part of our brain, which, among other functions, is our body’s thermostat – becomes confused. The confusion causes the brain to register that we’re too hot. In turn, the body does what it’s supposed to do – reacts by triggering our “cool-off!” mechanisms. Our hearts beat faster, our blood vessels dilate in order to increase blood flow close to the skin’s surface in order to dissipate heat, and we sweat which creates the effect of evaporative cooling. All this is great if you were hot to begin with, but when it comes to hot flashes – that’s not the case.

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Keeps you discreetly cool for 12 hours

Keeps you discreetly cool for 12 hours

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