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How many of you have been caught in traffic with nowhere to turn or the kids screaming in the back “I NEED THE TOILET NOW!”

Getting out of the car to relieve one’s self on the side of a road is not only embarrassing but its also dangerous and against the law!

We have the perfect solution. URIWELL. A neat and compact personal toilet you can take anywhere. Comes with a leak-proof lid.

Uriwell comes in pink and blue for adults holding a massive 750ml and for the kids, a funky yellow and green with removable funky freddy the frogs head. Happy Pee for kids holds 500ml.

Uriwell and Happy Pee are ideal for holding urine as the leak-proof lid forbids any leak of odour during travel, making your journey a happy one.

What’s so different about this portable urinal compared to other portable urinal? Well its easy to carry as it has a concertina base which you can discreetly fold into your compartment or bag. It’s leak proof lid makes the Uriwell portable toilet secure to carry around until you find a convenient please to empty it.

Happy Pee is an ideal wee wee training device for those little ‘uns who are shy.

Uriwell and happy pee are unisex portable urinals.

Our customers range from those who are bed bound to hikers and travellers.

As with any fantastic invention there are unscrupulous companies who insist on copyiing, these products may not be leak-proof or not up to the European standard. Uriwell and Happy Pee are manufactured under the strictest conditions in Italy. We guarantee perfect quality every time.

Sellers in the UK of the original Uriwell are

C&G Medicare Ltd. webshop www.incoshop.co.uk

Skiweb skiwebshop

Scotts of Stow (Viva direct)

Uriwell portable urinal


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