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Ever wondered about Vaginal Dilators and how much help they can be? Here is a fantastic article for you.

Pelvic Guru

Part 1: Dilators and the Brain? Pain, Fear, and Anxiety


There are different reasons to use vaginal dilators. This particular post focuses on providing dilator information for women facing fear, anxiety, and/or pain with regard to vaginal touch, finger insertion, gynecology exams, use of tampons, and intercourse. My quest to find valuable, comprehensive resources for a guide for dilator use fell short. This is particularly true with regard to understanding that using dilators is NOT just to “stretch the vagina,” which is often told to patients. I created documents for patients to use and wanted to share (still a work in process, but isn’t it always?!).

dilator soul source

Dilators provide an excellent way for women to transition from pain and/or avoidance behaviors to decreased anxiety and/or pain with any and all touch at and inside the vagina. Over the years, I…

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