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Personal Cooling System stays cold for 12 hours

Keeps you discreetly cool for 12 hours

Keeps you discreetly cool for 12 hours

Following the success of the amazing personal cooling system ‘Coldfront‘  as featured in the Washington Post Oprah

The freak weather of heatwaves sweeping countries has been no match for Coldfront.  Its been a vital part of peoples everyday lives especially those who are unable to regualate their temperatures such as babies, people with MS women who are going through the menopause. This hot weather has been a sell out for Coldfront and the team are working round the clock to ensure coldfront reaches their customers.

Immediate cooling relief any time anywhere

Coldfront is the world’s first on the go and on demand personal cooling kit with patented Recool Technology. Unlike regular ice packs or gel packs, when you take coldfront out of the freezer, it stays cold for up to 12 hours without being a drippy mess.

The technology inside coldfront recools the soft palm packs within 20 minutes. Use coldfront once, twice, three times—as often as you need it, day or night. Wow! You have the flexibility of immediate cooling relief wherever you are, wherever you need it. That’s the beauty of coldfront!

The story behind Coldfront

This is a particular warming story as the inventor Susie Hadas founder and president of Personally Cool  invented Coldfront for personal reasons. Read this incredible journey she has gone on to bring you Coldfront. Read more....

Susie and Jordan Hadas are working to raise money follow them on the Indiegogo

Using coldfront is really that simple!

When you first receive coldfront®, just place it — closed — in the freezer overnight or for at least 12 hours. Once cooled, remove coldfront® from the freezer, toss it into your handbag, briefcase or backpack, and go! The cold palm packs will be ready to as soon as you need them. Once you’re relieved, simply return the palm pack to the coldfront® case and zip it closed. The palm pack just used will be ready to use again within 20 minutes — without having to go back into the freezer. Should you need some cool within 20 minutes, the second palm pack is ready and waiting for you. Read more…

Personally Cool work closely with organisations to raise awareness about the various conditions where people need to keep cool.

Multiple Sclerosis affects around 100,000 people in the UK for more information MS Society

For further excellent reading about the menopause, hormone fluctuation, hysterectomy HRT etc Kathryn Colas site www.mentoringthroughmenopause.com, offers excellent information for women, businesses and medical professionals.

Would you like more information about the fantastic Coldfront in Europe contact C&G Medicare use code  COLDFRONT6 for free shipping in the UK Click Coldfront for your order

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