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Without a doubt, when a gynaecologist develops a program to improve pelvic health then you know it will be effective and ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’.
Pfilates was developed by one of the most respected gynaecologists Dr Bruce Crawford.
Pfilates is sweeping the continents with physiotherapists being trained to teach Pfilates to men and women.

C&G Medicare in the UK have worked with Dr Crawford for a number of years and has seen the success Pfilates has on women of all ages.

This unique program consists of 3 build up phases which allows the inexperienced in pelvic floor exercises gain confidence and strength starting at phase 1.
Pfilates kits are available from http://www.incoshop.com and the qualified medical staff at C&G Medicare are always on hand to offer professional advice.

Pelvic floor strengthening helps build good muscle tone which may prevent pelvic organ prolapse in some women, will help with preparation for an easier child-birth and will help with controlling bladder and bowel weaknesses. maintaining pelvic floor exercises with pfilates speeds up post partum recovery.

Find the 64 minute DVD for £9.99 click here for more information.

We recommend KeyGal or Pelvic Toner which are clinically approved medical devices to control those embarrassing leaks during exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tone.

Are you a physiotherapist interested in becoming a Pfilates Instructor? Contact us via our website for more information, stating which country you are  in and your existing qualifications.


Created by Dr Bruce Crawford

Created by Dr Bruce Crawford

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    Pfilates are the best pelvic floor exercises on the market. Designed by a doctor with you in mind.

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