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Do you have a pelvic organ prolapse?
Pelvic organ prolapse affects over 50% of women young and old. Its a complicated matter not only for women to speak about with their partners but also with their doctors.

Many are too embarrassed or simply unaware and frightened at how they can feel their body is changing.

Many experience a low dragging back pain sensation and put it down to tiredness, over work, strain or just old age. However, unless they know what they are looking for and are aware of certain signs they may never know that whats going on on the inside maybe far more than just age or tiredness! This could be due to organs in the pelvic floor descending causing the ‘dragging sensation’.

Some of the signs to be aware of – painful intercourse, incontinence either or both urine or faecal. Unexplained bleeding from the vagina, a bulg (feeling of a ball sitting) in the vagina.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever we urge you to seek medical help. Pelvic Organ prolapse does not heal itself and will need medical attention.

How to prevent pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse can be hereditory so ladies please speak to your daughters if you have experienced pelvic organ prolapse.
Ladies prepare your pelvic floor with the correct training and do your pelvic floor exercises regular to keep the floor strong, which in turn helps with a better delivery of your baby. Many women experience pelvic organ prolapse after having a baby, it has been reported that many women have kept this a secret for as long as 25 years before seeking help. If only those women had spoken to their medical professional sooner!

There are a few interventions on the market to support the pelvic floor and help with strengthening the pelvic floor. It is crucial you get the right advice from a medical professional as to which treatment is the best for you.

Pessaries come in all shapes and are an excellent way to support the pelvic organ prolapse offering you a better quality of life. You must be measured to ensure the pessary is the right shape and size for you.

Physiotherapy and learning how to do pelvic floor exercises from the start can prevent later on pelvic floor dysfunction issues. Ask your doctor to be referred to a women’s health physiotherapist. They are highly qualified in the pelvic floor and are perfect teachers for you to exercise the pelvic floor accurately and effectively. Physiotherapists are good listeners and can answer many of your questions you may not have had time to discuss with your doctor.

For more information on pelvic organ prolapse www.pelvicorganprolapsesupport.org

Pessary information contact APOPS Europe for educational evenings. APOPS EUROPE

Sherrie Palm founder of APOPS who is a pelvic organ survivor speaks openly about her experience and about pelvic organ prolapse. Every day for the month of June Sherrie will be posting on  YouTube to help raise the awareness about POP.

Share this and help support pelvic organ prolapse awareness month.

Order Sherries book : Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic. This is a no nonsense down to earth straight talking book about what to do if you think you have POP, what the process is facing surgery, how to overcome POP. Basically everything you need to  know about pelvic organ prolapse.  Order your copy book today

Please share Sherries Vidio and help raise the awareness about pelvic organ prolapse and together we can break the ‘taboo’

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