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Shaken to the Core – Pelvic Floor

Have you noticed the popularity of vibration platforms in gyms and some health clinics over the past few years? Manufacturers list a long line of benefits including weight loss, improved bone density in menopausal women, improved athletic performance, improved balance and flexibility. This is not a new concept, during the 1960’s the Germans were studying the effects of whole body vibration on their athletes and in the 1970’s the Russian space program found it benefited their cosmonauts who experienced muscle loss and bone thinning after spending long periods in space (a zero gravity environment). As a result of ongoing research by the European Space Agency and NASA, the whole body vibration platform was born. Studies have showed a range of possible benefits from vibration machine training. These include improved balance in older women, improved muscle strength in older men or women and boosted bone density levels in post menopausal women.  Many online sources claim it improves the symptoms of incontinence however very little research on vibration/pelvic floor is available.  One study has shown which type of vibration leads to higher pelvic floor muscle activation in subjects with weakened pelvic floors and which type achieved higher levels of pelvic floor activation than voluntary maximal contraction alone. For the rest of the article. Read more

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    […] Kegel Exerciser and Advanced Pelvic Floor Toner for Women Save NowUnderstanding Urinary IncontinenceShaken to the core pelvic floor by women’s health physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer // function submitForm(formID) { document.getElementById(formID).submit(); } […]

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