Empowering YOU to be in control

UROX for men is a unique urinal system which allows men the freedom to gain their independance free from incontinence pads and diapers for men.

Urox urinal system is pefect for men who have voiding problems, over active bladder (OAB), prostate problems and other conditions which enhibits their every day qualitiy of life through voiding problems.

UROX is easy to use, reusable and hygienic. Urox comes with a full starter kit bag and has separate components all available from the NHS and pharmacies as well as on line at www.incoshop.co.uk

Urox is a portable urinal which is so discreet nobody will ever know you are wearing it. In fact it is so comfortable not eve you will notice it.

Urox is not only for men with voiding problems, but also for glider pilots who need to urinate during their flight. All glider pilots who have used UROX recommend it.

ARE YOU ELIGABLE FOR NHS PRESCRIPTION PRODUCTS? UROX IS FREE TO YOU ON PRESCRIPTION IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. It’s your right to ask for this and to enjoy a better quality of life.

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