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Having a baby is a magnificent experience. Seeing the combination of you and your partner’s genetic pool, nurturing them, watching them stumble and grow into beautiful big people is a wonderful life experience. It’s just a shame about the collateral damage for women’s pelvic floors following a vaginal delivery. Nerve compression, levator avulsion, prolapse, urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, difficulty with bowel evacuation, and finally our topic for today, loss of sensation. It is actually a wonder so many of us have a go at it! You’d think women don’t talk.

Every week I see a number of patients who present complaining of poor sensation in their pelvic floor. Poor sensation manifests itself in a number of ways – decreased sexual awareness, including loss of the ability to orgasm; no messages of impending faecal emptying including solid and gas; no feeling of lift or squeeze in the pelvic floor muscles despite some muscle activation, which…

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