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This survey is designed to help you and your doctor determine what type of incontinence you are experiencing. No personal information such as email address, names etc. This survey is for you to fill out and print off to take to your doctor to help you.
Click here to take survey

For more information on incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse visit http://www.incostress.com

 Which type of incontinence do you have?

For Stress Incontinence, over active bladder (to stabilize the bladder) nocturia and pelvic floor strengthening you may want to try

INCOSTRESS. Go to www.incostress.com

Incostress is a class IIa medical device which has clinical evidence to demonstrate its efficacy.

Incostress is made in the United Kingdom by C&G Medicare. We also manufacture the Day Toner which is a class I pelvic floor exerciser.

Incostress can be left in the body up to 29 days, however we recommend you use it for a maximum of 8 hours then remove for an hour before re-inserting. We want you to train your pelvic muscles so eventually you won’t need anything to control the incontinence.

Incostress is made from body friendly medical grade silicone, which means it can be washed and re-used time and time again.

Incostress is ideal for any woman who can support a tampon. (there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome with Incostress as bacteria does not breed on silicone.

Order your Incostress in store from Boots or online in the United Kingdom.

Order from www.incostress.com and get a FREE bottle of IncoClean, a biofriendly antibacterial cleaner which also protects your Incostress. IncoClean is safe to use on skin as it is PH balanced. It does NOT contain alcohol.

We recommend Incostress for women who

Have just had babies

Women who are approaching the menopause (depletion of oestrogen can weaken the muscles Incostress can help maintain muscle control)

Women who have passed the menopause.

Women who experience over active bladder and want to train their bladder to be stable

Women with Urinary Stress Incontinence (SUI)

Women who leak slightly during sports. Incostress acts as a support for the pelvic floor during impact, lessening the strain of the pelvic floor

Women who suffer nocturia (getting up several times during the  night to pass water).

Incostress stops incontinence

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