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Annals of Internal Medicine 17th July 2012

In a survey of 1,000 young Australian women, researchers found that 13 percent said they’d had urinary incontinence in the past month. That meant problems like leaking urine when they exercised, or often having to rush to the bathroom to avert an accident.

“The traditional belief has been that incontinence really occurs as a consequence of pregnancy and aging,” senior researcher Susan R. Davis, of Monash University in Melbourne, said in an email.

“What prompted us to undertake this study was the fact that nobody had actually looked at incontinence in younger women who had never been pregnant,” said Davis, whose work was supported by Australian state and federal funds. (Reuters)

This study supports that young women suffering with Urinary Incontinence are not alone, and stresses the importance of Kegal exercises for women of any age.  IncoStress can help alleviate the embarrassment of unwanted…

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