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When treating women, I am often asked by mums about “little leaks”  their teenage girls complain of (or don’t but Mum suspects ). This will often be called “giggle incontinence” and I often hear women say to me “Oh I have always had a weak bladder …I used to wet myself when laughing as a kid.”  The only wetting you should do when laughing is the tears running down your face. Unless you have an anatomical or physiological ( medical talk for problem) with your actual bladder or urinary system (this is very rare) then you don’t have a weak bladder and it isn’t something that you just put up with or accept .

Teenage girls can also leak a bit when coughing and sneezing. All of these are scenarios known as Stress Urinary Incontinence…..involuntary leaks when the bladder is placed under stress or pressure. One of two things is happening here  – either the urethral sphincter ( the washer that keeps the bladder safely closed) or the pelvic floor muscles which tighten to help hold this sphincter closed are weak or not functioning properly. Now again, it is rare in a teenager for this to actually be a structural problem.
It is more likely a bad habit or poor muscle strength / co-ordination. The more this is accepted, the worse the problem can potentially become.

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With thanks to Fiona, womens health physiotherapist http://www.pelvicexercisesinfo.com.au

If you are worried that your teenage daughter is having ‘little leak’ issues speak to her. Ask her when does she notice the leaks? Treating this sooner rather than later is crucial for her wellbeing.

One of Australia’s lead women’s health physiotherapists has written an amazing book on how to self manage the pelvic floor and incontinence problems. Hold It Sister is available in most English speaking countries and available throughout the web.

Ask your physiotherapist about advice on training the pelvic floor (kegel exercises) Getting into good habits is far easier than breaking bad ones.

From today until 30th June C&G Medicare Ltd are giving away Hold It Sister books in their continued effort to raise awareness about pelvic floor issues. Claim your free Hold it Sister book when you order Incostress a medical device to control incontinence  and allows you to identify the pelvic floor muscles ready for exercise. Use code JUNEHIS to claim your free book. click here to order


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