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Very well written blog. Well worth the read as this probably affects someone in every family

Mental Health Cop

The Force Medical Examiner, or Forensic Medical Examiner, is the doctor who comes into police custody suites to undertake various medical functions.  The terminology for these professionals has changed over the years and is now officially the “Approved Healthcare Professional” which is helpfully confusing when I want to discuss AHPs in the context of functions they must undertake with AMHPs (Approved Mental Health Professionals under the Mental Health Act)!

For that reason, I’m going to persist with the outdated term, “FME”!

When I joined the police, the FMEs were a load of local doctors, mostly GPs, who were on a rota.  My station and two others had four of them and they were in each subsequent 7 day period “first choice” then “fourth choice” then “third choice” etc..  Many of them earned more from being an FME than they did from being a GP because they worked about 24/7 for…

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