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Airline helps raise money for cancer with Shewee help


Shewee the female portable urinating device, allows women to stand and spend a penny! Shewee has now become the trend amongst airline crew and passengers.

‘Lets get bums on seats’ is more for ‘lets transport passengers’ not meant as a toilet term. However, when you think on average there are around 300 passengers all sharing a confined space for a set amount of time, and those 300 passengers will share 5 toilets (if you are lucky, some aircrafts only have 2!!) Ladies do you really want to be sharing naked bum space with a stranger? NO of course not, even if they have warmed the seat for you.

Shewee is a practical and hygienic device so ladies you can stand and wee.

Something which people don’t appreciate unless you have been in that situation is that wheelchair passengers tend NOT to frequent the toilet on an aircraft, mainly because its…

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  1. Great article, Thanks for sharing. By the way, am news correspondence & my uncle is suffering from cancer & curative surgery needs to be performed. I heard about Susan Lim . He said Susan Lim Group Surgical Practice is a multi-disciplinary specialist surgical Centre. Any idea how much she charges for surgery?

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