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Healthy and comfortable pregnancy

The antenatal weeks are probably one of the most exciting periods in any woman’s life. The mother to be will experience great happiness and possibly even a little anticipation. It is a time of varying emotions and physical changes too, when the mother experiences a whole new awareness of her body as it prepares itself for the birth of her baby.

During the next 40 weeks or so she will experience weight gain around the abdomen which will put a strain on her back, hips, knees and even her balance as her centre of gravity changes. Massage can help to alleviate some of these associated problems but when combined with a particular focus on her posture and a simple exercise programme the effects become much more holistic and the results are marked.

Lower back, upper back, shoulders, hips, groin, knees and ankles can all be made to feel much more comfortable and even sleepless nights can become a thing of the past. Swollen hands and feet are also alleviated by the effects of the massage and exercise programme.

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Amazing therapy. Ideal for mum and baby

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