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Punctuation and grammer maketh a good writer!

When asked is it a womens’ health or women’s health, this raised a good opening for a topic on grammar.

Which would you say it is?

When do we use the single quotation mark ( ‘ ) (apostrophe)?

There isn’t just one use, but several for this little guy, who is probably used more times in the English grammar than other quotation marks, but sadly, he is also misused. Let’s see how we can simplify the explanation.

Apostrophe used to join two words making one (contraction)

It is = It’s  She is = she’s  Cannot = can’t  Is not = isn’t  You are = you’re (a common mistake is that your the possessive is often written in stead of you’re = you are).

Possession and the letter ‘S

The apostrophe used together with the letter S also indicates possession.

There is a difference between using the apostrophe with a singular and plural nouns.

Singular possessive noun =   the noun belonging to the singular person, animal or thing.

Gaynor’s hair (the hair belonging to Gaynor)

The dog’s bone (the bone belonging to the dog)

The garden’s roses (the roses of the garden)

Of course the English language wouldn’t be without exceptions to the rule.

Words ending with s, z or x generally omit the ‘S’.

The witness’ statements.

Plural possessive noun =   the possession noun belonging to the plural noun be it people, animals or things.

For plural nouns ending in S, you must put the apostrophe after the S to indicate this is a possession belongs to several people,  things, animals.

nurses’ uniforms

doctors’ surgery (several doctors share the same surgery)

For plural  nouns which do not end with an S you would write the apostrophe before the S.

Women’s health

Children’s hospital

 Note : We NEVER use the ‘s to make a singular noun into a plural.   

CORRECT: Tablet – Tablets

INCORRECT: Tablet – Tablet’s

So after reading this, is it women’s health or womens’ health?

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