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Tell me doc what exactly is the Pelvis?

The pelvis is made up of 6 bones: 2 ilium bones, 2 ischium bones and 2 pubic bones

The pelvis is the structure of bones and ligaments which make the pelvic girdle. The pelvic girdle is formed by the two hip bones and the curved triangular shaped sacrum.

The hip bones are held together in front by a joint called the pubic symphysis. The rear part of the hip bones are attached to the sacrum which as two sacroiliac joints.

The hips

Each hip bone contains a deep, spherical cup shape socket (acetabulum) (try saying that after a few wines!) The ball part of the thigh bone (the femur) fits snugly into this, allowing easy movement of the ‘ball and socket’ joints.

The Scaroiliac joints are two semi-rigid ligamentous junctions, at the back, holding the two outer bones of the pelvic to the side surfaces of the sacrum.

The coccyx or tailbone is made up of four small vertebrae which are fused together and joined to the curved sacrum. Normally there is very little movement at the sacroiliac joints, however during pregnancy the strong ligaments which hold the joints together are able to support the extra weight and growth of the baby to aid an easier childbirth.

Male and female pelvises are different. The female pelvis is relatively wider and shallower than the male and the lower opening is shaped to accommodate the baby’s head to pass. The lower part of the sacrum is also more flexible in the female pelvis.

Recommended reading:

Hold It Sister by lead womens health physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer

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MARY O’Dwyer author of Hold It Sister and Hold It Mama is a lead physiotherapist specialising in womens healthcare. Mary will be giving 10 minute talks about the pelvic floor at Blackwell’s Bookstore in London. Make a date to see her and get a signed copy of Hold It Sister at Guys Blackwell’s Bookstore on 9th May. For more information contact either Guys Hospital Blackwell Bookstore or contact us via www.incostress.com


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