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House of Bath offers a free pelvic floor toner to its customers

With the economy as it is people are tightening their belts, but unfortunately not tightening their pelvic floor, which leads to all sorts of problems including incontinence and sometimes pelvic organ prolapse. Costing the health service billions every year in operations and incontinence pads.

Ladies are you happy about sitting in your own urine regardless whether the latest pad has odour control? Are you happy about spending on average £560 per year on pads? Are you happy hiding the problem and not solving it? If you answer yes to any of these questions then don’t read any further.

House of Bath are renowned for offering innovative and top quality products to their customers. Now they have gone one step further and realise that the economy situation is holding some customers back from spending on luxury items. But when it comes to your health anything that can help is not a luxury it is a necessity.

House of Bath now stock Pfilates the only pelvic floor exercise program with clinical trials to support the claims that it works. Pfilates was created by American Gynaecologist Dr Bruce Crawford and is now practiced globally by men women and trained by professionals.

To be trained in this program by a personal trainer would cost you around £70 per session and depending on how weak your pelvic floor is would depend on how many sessions you need.

House of Bath have the full Pfilates kit, Pfilates ball, Pfilates manual and Pfilates 64 minute easy to follow DVD. Realising that to help further strengthen the pelvic floor a pelvic floor toner would help. House of Bath are giving away this £29.99 pelvic floor toner FREE with the Pfilates kit. Unbeatable results at an unbeatable price.

controls urge and stress incontinence. Gets you back into the shape you need

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