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Could your back pain be Osteoporosis?

This article is brought to you courteously from http://www.maturetimes.co.uk

Back Pain is the number one miss-diagnosed health problem in the UK today. It only takes 2 minutes to find out if your pain is caused by a disease that affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men.

With NHS cut backs, your GP is unlikely to refer you for a test unless they think you already have this disease.

The BackCare charity are offering you the opportunity to take a test at The Back Pain Show 2012. The kind people at BackCare are offering this service free of charge (donations are welcome), saving you the £100 you’d pay to get it done privately, or the potential lifelong wait to get it done on the NHS.

Entry into The Back Pain Show is free if you register today saving you another £10 – simply click here to go to the website.

Also, click here to find out more about BackCare, and the scanning service they will be offering at the show. 

The BackCare charity also produce a monthly publication on back health, to view the January 2012 issue on-line, go to: www.backcare.org.uk


The following is brought to you thanks to C&G Medicare Ltd United Kingdom.

Ginseng natural creams: Ginseng muscle & Joint with Arnica can help relieve that nagging back pain as its gentle heating process lasts for hours without causing a burning sensation. www.incoshop.co.uk  under skin care

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