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Shoe traction for the cold weather

You won't slip wearing get a grip.

Don’t get caught out by black ice on the street. Wear shoe traction. We have scoured the country far and wide for the best brand. One which is guaranteed not to crack in sub-zero temperatures.

With the Siberian winter here, can you really afford to take time off work due to a fall. Old people are vulnerable and prone to bone breaks during this weather.

We have found for you, the most reliable shoe traction. Due North Get a Grips were actually trialled in the North Pole and we guarantee their quality.

We have even gone one step further. Our research has found that companies are increasing their prices (sneaky) by at least 10% on shoe traction during this cold spell.

We have REDUCED our prices from £24.99 to £14.99. We believe that everyone should have the right to a better quality of life through our products and our ethos is that in desperate times people need special products such as Due North Get a Grips, this isn’t a luxury item Due North Get a Grip shoe traction is a necessity, this is why we have made it affordable for everyone.

For more information please go to our website www.incoshop.co.uk  Due North shoe traction Get a Grip will fit over any size flat shoe, boot and even ski boots.

We have limite stock, so hurry whilst stocks last.

C&G Medicare Ltd are based in the UK.

Due North traction can also be found in Belgium in Deweert Sports in Oostende and Medial Diffusion in Brussels, Binch, Namur and Wavre.

Postmen, airline crew,airport workers, baggage handlers,elderly, young people,nurses,road workers just a few professions who wear our get a grip shoe traction (cleats)

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    Protect yourself from falling this winter, we have reduced the price of get a grips. These are a necessity not a luxury.

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