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HOLD IT MAMA by Mary O’Dwyer

Hold it Mama has been a sensational hit down under. This up to-day modern book that not only gives solid advice to new and old mothers also has some fantastic information for babies.

Hold it Mama has been an over night sensation in Australia and is currently sold out. Hold it Mama has all but a few copies left in the UK with www.incoshop.co.uk

You wont find a better, easier to understand clearer reference book on the market. Trainee midwives are using this as a training guidance book, mothers are turning to HOLD IT MAMA for help and guidance as it is so easy to understand and so logical.

Mary O’Dwyer is a leading women’s health physiotherapist based in Australia and will be visiting the United Kingdom in April and Dublin Ireland in May. Please contact www.incostress.com on the contact us form for more information if you are interested in attending Mary’s works shops in the UK.

Order your book today.

ISBN: 9780987076625

 Introducing a practical, information packed guide for women, their partners and those involved in birth. Mary O’Dwyer combines her considerable experience as a women’s health physiotherapist with all matters floor and core.

In response to the demand for practical pelvic floor centered birthing information Mary has released Hold It Mama – the pelvic floor and core handbook for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Like many pregnancies, this invaluable book is long overdue…..

Hold It Mama is the essential guide for women who want the best of both worlds: children and a strong, vibrant pelvic floor and core. This guide gives women the power to reclaim their fitness, shape and pelvic health during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Contents include-

  • Discovering your pelvic floor and its muscles
  • Managing your core & floor during pregnancy
  • Effective ways to prepare for labour
  • Effects on the pelvic floor from birth interventions used during labour
  • Improving pelvic floor outcomes
  • Positioning and progressing through labour
  • Step by step recovery after vaginal or caesarean births
  • Assessing your own floor, scars, damage or prolapse
  • Caesarean or perineal scarring healing
  • Resuming sex after childbirth
  • Returning to exercise with the ‘Shrink the Jellybelly’ program
  • Birth and postpartum care in other cultures
  • Caring for your pelvic floor and core beyond birth


‘What a wealth of information and an incredible feat – it would be a great text for students too.’  Dianne Edmonds, The Pregnancy Centre

‘Great info – very balanced. Essential for all pregnant mums!’  Dr Kylie Booth, Cares SA

I will be recommending Mary’s new book to all my patients in the baby phase of their life. Packed with information answering all those frequently asked questions of pregnancy and birth…all in a sensible, easy to understand format.  Fiona Rogers, Women’s health physiotherapist

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