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Snoring getting you down?

We all snore at some stage in our lives, but when that dull monotone drilling continues night after night, its not the snorer that is bothered but their partner who suffers.

Snoring can lead to all sorts of problems including sleep apnea. Many people who have heart disease tend to be heavy snorers.

When the vocal cords at the back of the throat lose the taughtness, then the inhaling of breath causes the vocal cords to vibrate, which increases the ‘snoring’.


C& G Medicare Ltd have the solution. Try now SNOREKIL an award-winning amazing product which is patent protected. SNOREKIL was invented by a brilliant dental technician who found that his patients were asking for custom made gum shields to help them with sleep apnea, this resulted in him designing an affordable product which is now recommended throughout the UK by top professionals.

As an introductory promotion C&G Medicare Ltd are offering a 50% off limited offer for SNOREKIL.

Order yours today from the C&G Medciare shop today.  Click here to enter the shop


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