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Bugs and bacteria.

We are surrounded by bugs, bacteria and germs. Some are good for us and some not so good.

With so many outbreaks of viruses and bacteria related issues in what is supposed to be a clean environment – the hospital this is the last place you would expect to go in for one treatment and come out being treated for something picked up in the hospital.

MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is not a bacteria you want to be shaking hands with! It is resistant to most antibiotics.

There are different strains to this ‘superbug’ and depending on the severity of the wound and your own bodies resistance can greatly depend on how fast the  MRSA manifests.

MRSA is spread from contact, person to person or from you touching objects which carry the bacteria.

IncoClean is one of the few products which is not only bio friendly but kills 99.999% of germs. It kills MRSA and IncoClean continues to work weeks after it has been applied.

The spread of MRSA is phenomenal once it starts. Using IncoClean to not only clean your hands but to spray on objects reduces this down to zero.

Close knit communities are now showing sign of being infected by CA-MRSA. those who play team sports, prison inmates, schools etc. the only way to stop this from spreading is to be vigilant on cleanliness.

For more information on IncoClean go to http://www.incostress.com

If you know of anyone who has had MRSA we want to hear your story.

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