Empowering YOU to be in control

C&G Medicare Ltd based in the UK developed a medical device back in 2000. Incostress has been a global success with women who have problems to control incontinence and who have pelvic floor dysfunction.

Incostress won many international awards for its design and efficacy and is well-respected amongst the key opinion leaders in the urology and gynaecology world.

C&G Medicare Ltd has been praised by major companies such as Boots Alliance, Proctor & Gamble, Scotts & Co, House of Bath as well as by the Welsh Assembly Government.

C&G Medicare Ltd will launch an innovation in 2012 set to help even more women.

CEO Gaynor Morgan said our objective is to ensure every woman has a better quality of life. Many suffer in silence when they have anything to do with pelvic floor problems, be it from painful intercourse to bladder issues. We want to offer women an alternative to surgery and help educate society that its ok to recognise you have a health issue but its not ok to ignore it.

This new product we think will be part of every womans daily life. We can’t say much more than that as it is still going through the prototype phase.

We are looking to offer this product as a test trial to women who have just had babies, women who cannot have pelvic floor surgery or who have had surgery and it has failed. We also need women who are active in the sports/aerobic field.

If you are a women in this category and would like to trial our new product please respond to this blog.

Please note that responses to this will NOT be published and you will be contacted. Anyone who participates will have to sign an NDA and will need to fill in the questionnaire to ensure you are a good candidate for this market research.



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  1. […] as a washboard abdoPFX Pelvic Floor ExerciserBestKegelExercises.com Intro to Pelvic Floor StrengthC&G Medicare to bring out new product to help women regain confidence // function submitForm(formID) { document.getElementById(formID).submit(); } […]

    • Thank you for you input. Don’t forget Incostress is also a simple medical device clinically trialled to control female incontinence AND help identify and strengthen the pelvic floor

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