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Don't leave home without your Femmecup

What’s the most inconvenient thing that can happen to a woman when she goes on hoiday?

Forgot to bikini wax? Forgot to change her money into the correct currency? Forgot her hair straightener?

None of the above:

We asked 100 women what was their worst nightmare before starting their holiday, most said having their period!

Why? Its a natural thing to happen isn’t it? We wanted to know what was so annoying about it?

The majority of women complained that when abroad the sanatization of toilets aren’t always suitable to dispose of tampons and sanatry pads, plus the fact they aren’t environmentally friendly either.

We found a wonderful solution for you ladies. We now bring you


Femmecup is so easy to use, and made from the highest quality soft medical grade silicone. you don’t even know you are having a period with Femmecup.

Femmecup can be used for up to 12 hours “now find me a tampon which can brag the same condtion”!

Its so easy to use and easy to clean. C&G Medicare Ltd in the UK are also offering 50ml handy bottle of PH balanced IncoClean sanitizer with  every purchase of Femmcup. So ladies you can now clean your Femmecup in the privacy of the toilet and also clean your hands as IncoClean is a revolutionary patented solution which cleans, protects and goes on working killing unwanted germs. Its so gently that it can be used safely on skin and intimate areas.

There was a recent report where Kotex tampons had to be recalled. There has never been a report where silicon menstral cups have ever had to be recalled or have ever had a case of toxic shock syndrom.

Here’s what the Femmecup girls had to say.

Travelling and being abroad when you have your period can put a dark cloud over your holiday but it doesn’t have to be this way. Using Femmecup in place of disposable tampons and sanitary pads makes life so much easier and more discreet.

If you use a Femmecup on your travels you have no need to search unfamiliar shops for unfamiliar brands or worse; purchase from a hotel shop at massively inflated prices. It saves space in your suitcase or hand luggage as you only need to carry one tiny cup instead of boxes of tampons or pads. In more remote places or countries where there are cultural issues surrounding menstruation there may be no facilities for purchasing or disposing of used tampons and pads.

Then you have the headache of a soggy tampon string or sanitary pad wing hanging out of the side of your bikini! When using Femmecup there is nothing outside the body and it is not affected by swimming or showering so it is the most discreet protection you can use. Femmecup is also a more discreet option when sharing an apartment or hotel room with friends or family; no strings, no wings and no packaging or used product to leave in the bathroom.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Femmecup!

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