Empowering YOU to be in control

Urox System gives hope for male incontinence and prostate recovery

Designed by men for men


UROX® is a reusable masculine designed innovation. It is safe, discreet,effective and easy to use.
The UROX® system consists of four parts:
• Collection cup with an anti-leak membrane.
• Fixation pants keeps the cup in place.
• Gaiter with an integrated urine bag.
• Rinsing liquid, which has a documented effect of preventing bacterial growth and colonisation.
UROX® is for the active man bothered by frequent voiding or incontinence, especially urge incontinence following prostate surgery.
Ideal for MS and Parkinson’s patients who rely on carers to fit sheaths and intermittent catheters. The anatomic and functional design lends the system a masculine appearance, very different from the institutional look of traditional medical devices. The comfortable urine collection bag wraps around the calf. The extra long outlet tap ensures a very easy and safe emptying – without risk of dripping on the shoe.

Clean, discreet, comfortable and above all, allows you a better quality of life.

For further information contact: C&G Medicare Ltd, Tel: +44 (0)871 218 1233
Web: www.incoshop.co.uk

Easy to use. Specially designed fixation pants for extra comfort and support

No more pads. Freedom of feeling normal again.

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