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Special offer for Mooncup

Menstrual cups are now the new tampon

Ladies! If you haven’t heard of the menstrual cup then girls you are living in the dark ages!

Not only are tampons potentially capeable of causing toxic shock syndrom, they are well lets face it, unhygienic when its time to dispose of them. Where do you put your tampon? Flush it in the toilet? Its not biodegradable so all those tampons have to end up somewhere? Yes in the sea! Enough to put you off fish for life!

So at the dreaded time of the month. Mooncup have come up with a wonderful solution. Mooncup is manufactured in the United Kingdom and is made from Medical Grade Silicone. Whoohoo safe, hygienic and re-usable. What more can a girl ask for.

Lets go camping! Now girls when you are out and about forraging in the forrest, no more embarassing overflow leaks, or where do I dispose of this thing on a string. Nope MOONCUP is the solution.

We are offering you only for the month of November an unbeatable price of £16.99 instead of our rrp £24.99 PLUS with every mooncup you will recieve FREE a 50ml eco friendly IncoCare to wash your cup and safe for hands and the rest of your bits.Now that cant be bad.

www.incoshop.co.uk  for your Mooncup menstrual cup and your free IncoClean offer ends midnight 30th November 2011

We are giving away 50ml with every purchase of mooncup

Don't miss out on this fantastic offer

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