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Incostress in the limelight in Belgium

Belgium is a stunning country which offers so much by means of landscape, art, culture and fantastic restaurants. If there is one thing Belgium isn’t short of and that is Pharmacies. You can find 5 in one small street in Belgium. Independent pharmacies offer that personal service to its customers.

They have a pharmacy emergency service which means that one pharmacy in selected towns remains open right through the night. (Shops close around 18.00 in Belgium and most are closed on a Sunday.

Febelco is a respected leading supplier to the pharmacy industry which can supply pharmacies with just 1 product upon order within 2 hours. This means the pharmacy isn’t over stocked with products on the shelves and Febelco can offer a personal reliable service to the pharmacy. This chain means that the customer is always satisfied and receives an excellent service.

Incostress a medical device to stop incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles has the CNK Number 2511-269 is available throughout Belgium.

Incostress has won many international awards for its, design, function and innovativess. It is a product which solves the incontinence not just hides it.

For more information see www.incostress.com or visit Febelco www.febelco.be for their contact details if you are  a pharmacy in Belgium.

Ask your doctor about Incostress

Incostress controls the problem and improves your quality of life

Incostress controls

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