Empowering YOU to be in control

How to lose your baby weight (even if your baby isn’t so new 😉 )

Pilates, yoga or boot-camp? What should you eat? What should you avoid? How often, how hard & how long should you work out? Confused? Don’t be!

Because the MuTu® System has done the work for you. The definitive combination of techniques that will get you the post-baby stomach & body you want. The MuTu System has 5 interconnecting elements, woven together into a series of workouts, motivational strategies & food guidelines that are specifically designed to put a mothers body where she wants it.

MuTu Core | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Core. The *find your waist & flatten your tummy* bit. MuTu Core is the foundation of the System. It’s where you learn what has gone on ‘in there’ & how to repair & restore it, including corrective exercise for diastasis recti & pelvic floor weakness.

 MuTu Breathe | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Breathe. The *tone your pelvic floor & chill out* bit. MuTu Breathe is where you learn unique, restorative yoga breathing exercises devised by our MuTu System collaborator & renowned pre/postpartum Yogini. These techniques are relaxing, but they also tone & resettle your pelvic organs & pelvic floor which go way beyond ‘squeeze like you’re trying not to wee’…

MuTu Intensive | MuTu New Mum | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu New Mum / MuTu Intensive. The *time to get sweaty & shape your body* bit. Short, intensive workout programmes (just 15 minutes a day!) designed to tighten & tone where you are weak & soft, & to lengthen & shape your muscles that are tense. These are not generic workouts! Clear adaptations & progressions for new moms & not so new!

MuTu Posture | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Posture. The *stand tall & find your mojo* bit. MuTu Posture teaches you quick & easy stretches & toning exercises to get you looking fabulous & walking with body confidence & ease. Alleviate back pain & tension, lose those rounded shoulders, & see an incredible difference in the way your mummy tummy looks!

MuTu Food | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Food. The *eat right with no hang ups* bit. MuTu Food is not a diet, or separate, complicated meals with  impossible-to-find ingredients. It gives you a shopping list to get you started, snack, breakfast lunch & dinner suggestions which are incredibly simple to prepare & that are intended for the whole family to eat. Your home will never hear ‘Mom’s on a diet’ again!

That’s the guarantee – no celebrity-style, ‘size zero’ crazy diets or unsustainable nonsense. Real women like you, getting stronger, fitter, leaner, sexier & more confident, for the long term.

The MuTu System was devised by Wendy Powell, a mother of two who has been there & done it, as well as being a very experienced & highly qualified pre & post natal fitness professional.

What are  you doing reading this blog? Get yourself over to http://mutusystem.com

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