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Massage therapy has been used for centuries. There is now a therapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Little is known about pelvic organ prolapse with people who don’t suffer with it, I mean why should you, if it doesn’t affect you why bother, right? WRONG!

Pelvic organ prolapse is prevalent in women due to the structure of the pelvic floor, but don’t just think its a ladies problem, men can experience prolapses also.

Some excellent information about pelvic organ prolapse can be read in Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic by Sherrie Palm available on Amazon. Sherrie also heads up the non profit organisation APOPS

and also Hold It Sister by Mary O’Dwyer. Hold It Sister is available at all major UK bookstores including Blackwell’s Bookstore, Waterstones and WHSmith in the UK and Ireland and Belgium. Also available at www.incostress.com

What is the Maya Abdominal Massage?

The Maya Abdominal Massage gentle massage technique which noninvasive manipulates the internal organs. The Maya Abdominal Massage is used to treat several internal medical problems, but this write up is focusing on the pelvic floor side of things especially focusing on the uterine prolapse.

Before you rush off to find someone to carry out this massage, first ensure that they are qualified. I have found that the best qualified people are already qualified physiotherapists specialising in women’s health. Remember that someone who isn’t qualified could end up doing more damage to the vital organs, and I can’t stress enough how important it is for your to do your background research on the person who is carrying out the massage first.

The Maya massage is thought to allow a proper alignment of organs while stimulating the flow of blood and lymph in the body. The Maya massage also is believed to alligne energy flow which may contribute to blockages.

How does the Maya Abdominal Massage work?

The therapist usually commences by taking a history of the patients condition including any past medical operations and medication. If you have had back issues or a spinal injury it is important to tell the therapist as the Maya Abdominal Massage usually starts by the therapist manipulating the spine.

Patients lie on a massage table and remain fully clothed throughout the session.  Please download the PDF.

C&G Medicare Ltd in the United Kingdom work with physiotherapists,  doctors and nurses to help patients find the right solution for their pelvic floor problems. If you are a physiotherapist please contact us if you  wish us to advertise your workshops.

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