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What is the new product?

C&G Medicare Ltd has done it again. CEO Gaynor Morgan inventor of Incostress the female medical device to stop incontinence and strenghten the pelvic floor muslces is about to launch a new product.

This new product is set to also save the NHS money and help make peoples lives easier.

C&G Medicare Ltd is based in the UK and prides itself on ethical products which improve the lives of people.

What started out as an idea in the kitchen has now become a worldwide success.

C&G Medicare is keeping their new product a secret until the end of this month. If you want to be the first to know what the new wonder product is, subscribe to their newsletter http://www.incostress.com and fill out the add to our mailing list form (C&G Medicare NEVER SPAM)

Those who subscribe will have the opportunity to recieve one of these products FREE as well as recieve a monthly newsletter with lots of  interesting health titbits for you to digest at your leisure.

If you are a medical professional, we also have a medical newsletter which goes out every month, bringing you the latest medical events and venues, keeping you up to date with the latest medical innovations, techniques and articles. We offer you a chance to submit your article as the feature and will promote your article along with your website and practice throught all of our social media networks.

What are you waiting for. Sign up now and find out what the newest product launch is before anyone else.

http://www.incoshop.co.uk for a selection of better quality of life products.

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