Empowering YOU to be in control

Millions of women suffer bladder weakness. They “Put up and shut up” either they don’t know what is available to help them or they are too ashamed to even contemplate getting the help and support they so well deserve.

Incostress a medical device which not only controls incontinence it also supports the urethra and bladder neck. It allows the user of Incostress to be in total control. Incostress is also being used by physiotherapists to help patients identify the pelvic floor muslces for them to carry out kegel training using Incostress.

Incostress can be used day and night and is eco friendly.

Why not take the survey where we are giving away 50 Incostress. The survey is confidential and we will never share your details as per the data protection act 1998.

We want to raise the awareness of the importance for women to help themselves on the first  onset of bladder weakness. Bladder weakness can lead to all sorts of complications if not looked after properly, such as bladder infections, sexual dyfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, social isolation, reduction in exercises for fear of losing urine, reduction in quality of life.

We encourage women and teenagers to start practicing kegel exercises to help naturally strengthen the pelvic floor. Dr Bruce Crawford has a wonderful exercise program called pfilates. see more on www.incostress.com

Click here to take survey

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